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Buy 1 - "You Can't Get to Mars Without Me"

21 new reasons to appreciate gravity!

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When babies are born into the world, all their first movements - by natural law - need to offer rotational movements while opposing gravity. These first movements are needed to ignite the brain into now learning from its environment (the body and the world), which then become the milestones by which we have come to define human development.

When astronauts go into space, they lose the ability to create functional rotational movements. Due to this, the body immediately starts deteriorating because we are organized to move within gravity. Without manually stimulating rotational movements, an astronaut will never make it to Mars.

Similarly, here on Earth, when a person can't perform rotational movements, we start to see the development of special needs, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and all sorts of movement-based disorders. Growth and deterioration are direct products of the body’s ability - or inability - to organize to biological gravity, as presented in this book. It's just as true for babies and special people of all ages as it is for astronauts. 

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