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Michelle M. Turner created Movement LessonTM in 2009, after trying a variety of therapies and getting no results. Her special son had over 20 surgeries, and the doctors weren't giving him any direction or hope for typical development. Since then, her son has gone from a non-verbal 4-year-old to a proud member of the National Honor Society. Today, Ms. Turner travels all over the world to present Movement LessonTM and continues to help children have better movement abilities. She offers parents in similar situations, discouraged and hopeless, the ability to find solutions and have hope for their child’s future potential.

In 2014, Ms. Turner discovered her first theory on gravity’s involvement in the structure of movement. She presented it at the University of Oxford in 2017. She has also presented at Harvard University, School of Medicine in 2018, NeuroScience 2018, and the Gravity Research Foundation. Ms. Turner holds her bachelors degree from Syracuse University. Today, she continues to present and offer her discoveries.

Movement Lesson™ is a unique therapy method that utilizes a combination of gentle touch and purposeful movement through the principles of counterbalance and rotation to create an individualized and profoundly effective therapy session. This extraordinary method helps infants, children, adults and elderly with acute to chronic pain with a non-invasive approach to the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems.


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